Belon D6L Mower (New)

Belon D6L Mower (New)

The full range of Bellon mowers now available.

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Belon D6L Mower (New)

The Bellon D6L Mower is a lateral disc mower with belt transmission (without conditioner) and suitable for medium-sized farms looking for robust but reasonably-priced equipment for efficient use with tractors on various cutting widths. The wide choice of models covers cutting widths from 1.3 m to 3.2 m, with perfect adaptation to the various workloads. The strength of these machines lies in their ability to combine efficiency and low cost.

The dual hydraulic piston system provides optimal adaptation to the soil, maintaining the mower parallel to the ground during all the work phases.Uniform distribution of the load on the ground and optimal protection of the soil and turf are also ensured. The breakaway mechanism allows the cutter bar to swing back to avoid obstacles in the field. The machine then easily resets to the working position.


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