TR1 Compact Tipping Trailer

TR1 Compact Tipping Trailer

Fleming TR1 Compact  Tipping Trailer

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The Fleming Tipping Trailer range is designed with a strong and sturdy structure and is ideal for multi-purpose use all around the farm yard.

The TR1 compact Tipping Trailer model features:

  • Removable side
  • 2.5mm Reinforced floor and side chimes fabricated in one piece for extra strength
  • Size 1.91m x 1.22m x 0.32m
  • Reinforced sides and hinge points
  • High tip for clean unloading
  • Structural steel chassis with 23 x 10.50 x 12 tyres as standard on 5 stud axle
  • Optional mesh sides
  • 1500kg capacity
  • Parking jack as standard

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