Fleming Hydraulic Transport Box

Fleming Hydraulic Transport Box

Fleming Hydraulic Transport Box (HYD6’6)

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New Fleming Hydraulic Transport Box (HYD6’6)

Includes a reinforced nose plate. The computer aided design of the box allows the unit to be used to scoop up material and contain it in transport without the need for a back door.

Features of the Compact Hydraulic Transport Box Range:

  • Available 4ft (1.25m) (HYD4) and 5ft (1.5m) (HYD5C)
  • Boxes to suit tractors from 16 – 60 horse power.
  • Range of 3PL setting to suit most tractors
  • Require D/A spool valve.

Features of Large Hydraulic Boxes:

  • Available from 5ft (1.5m) up to 7ft. (2.13m)
  • Internal reinforcing shoes tie the strength of the floor to the cross beams on the back of the box creating a solid back
  • plate to absorb the force of high horse power tractors
  • The reinforcing shoes have smooth rounded edges for easy unloading and cleaning
  • Heavy duty Double acting ram
  • Reinforced floor
  • Reinforced nose plate
  • Heavy duty structural box section hitch with reinforced joints for extra strength
  • The 5mm thick folded form of the box has 2 internal reinforcing beams across the back of the body of the box eliminating any flexing when the box is under heavy load
  • The heel of the box is fitted with a scraping blade, supported by the floor skids further adding reinforcing strength to the back of the box and giving the capability of grading and levelling stones, sand, soil ,etc

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